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Cemetery Levy Funds Working For Our Community

The cemetery levy has allowed the Township to replace aging mowers and employ additional seasonal workers to insure the seven cemeteries throughout the Township are well maintained. Trustees recently approved the purchase of a new Gravely zero-turn mower, the third in three years, to insure that the well-used equipment is in great working order and ready to meet the demands incurred in the cemeteries. Levy proceeds have also made possible  paving  the drives in the Lutheran and St. Michael's Cemeteries in 2016. Due to the visitations and active burial activities in these cemeteries, the improvement not only beautified the surroundings, but has provided a place to walk and drive free of the previous mud and large stones that the pavement has replaced. Special thanks to our community for recognizing the financial needs for the maintenance and preservation of our cemeteries.


Recent Trustee Meeting Summaries

All elected officials were present for the October 24, 2016 monthly meeting. Trustees approved funds to purchase a new 8 1/2 ft. snow plow for truck 69 from Quality Truck Body & Equipment for a maximum of $5,800. Payment of $13,968 to the Trumbull County Engineer was approved for the following road work: patch and chip seal Robinwood, Ridgewood, Bright-Baldwin (part), and the township side of Hewitt GIfford ($8,416.16- this replaces the purchase order approved last month as the amount billed to the township was incorrect), chip seal Niles Ave. (part) ($4,933.31), and sealing of Niles Ave. ($618.53). The annual Resolution to certify tax levies was adopted to be forwarded to the County Budget Commission. The Board agreed upon contract language for additional tipping fees to be paid by LaFarge to the township. A representative of the Board (Page if available) will meet with Dave Hanson, the Regional Chamber, and other local entities to assist Mr. Hanson with the SiteOhio application process. Trustees met in Executive Session and, upon reconvening the regular meeting, appointed Fiscal Officer Montgomery as the zoning secretary at $15 per hour.


At the September 26 meeting, an August Supplemental Appropriation Resolution was amended as recommended by the fiscal officer. The annual maintenance agreement for the cemetery data management software was approved. Trustees approved payment of an invoice for $5867.31 for repair of Robinwood, Ridgewood, Bright-Baldwin, and Hewitt Gifford until such time as a revised total is received. The fiscal officer advised that the invoice was incorrect and less than what is owed, but the county fiscal officer was not available before the meeting date to review and reissue the invoice. Trustees agreed to contract with Santanna Energy for gas aggregation at $2.70 Mcf which is a substantial savings over the prior contract price. The board accepted the resignation of Zoning Secretary Norma Webb and agreed to open the position of part-time Zoning Secretary for applications at $15.00 per hour. Trick-or-Treat in the Township was scheduled for Monday, October 31, 2016 from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm.


Page, Lutz and Montgomery met with Local Government Services at a Special Meeting on August 31 to review the status of the Township's Fiscal Recovery Plan and to discuss budgetary matters as necessary. The reduction in defict amounts in the Fire District and Cemetery Funds were addressed and it is anticipated that, through utilizing an adavnce to the Fire District Fund, that the Township will be released from Fiscal Caution in 2017. The second half of payment to Dave Wiltrout Roofing, Inc. for $12,499 was approved and moved to capital outlay. Sarah Gartland was appointed as an Alternate on the Zoning Commission.


At the August 22 Trustees' meeting, payment was approved for the paving of drives at the Lutheran and St. Michael's Cemeteries to Everbrite, Inc. for a total of $26,600. The Board was pleased with the outcome of the work and to be able to invest some of the .5 mil Cemetery Levy revenue in this upgrade. The Board agreed to submit an application for Oak Knoll Avenue to be considered as a OPWC grant project in 2017 with a 46% township match to the grant. The backhoe has been taken to G & S Power for an estimated $4000 in repairs. A new three year agreement was approved with Cintas for uniforms for full time workers and mats for the Administration Building which halts unapproved rate hikes and freezes future invoices at rates from 2014. Supplemental appropriations were approved in the General, Cemetery, and Fire Funds to cover necessary expenses. New verbage to the Fire District contract was approved that commits to a 3% increase to the fire contract over 2015 rates frozen for an indefite period of time as well as clarification of verbage regarding the original sale of the Broad Street property to the fire district. Please visit the 3rd Farmer's Market of 2016 to be held at the Newton Falls Community Park Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. See additional information under the community events tab. ______________________________________________________________________________________

On July 25 Trustees approved the 2017 Alternative Tax Budget for submission to the county. They agreed to contract with Everbrite, Inc. to pave Lutheran and St. Michael's Cemetery drives not to exceed $27,000 and advanced $22,000 from the General Fund to have funds available to get the project completed in 2016. The Board denied an invoice sent from the NFJFD for the first half 2016 contract as it included a nearly 16% increase which had not been agreed to by the Board. They agreed they would pay the fire district 3% over the 2015 contract price for a period of five years pending the matter being addressed further by the entities. Health insurance rates for the next year were also approved at a 3.3% increase.


At a Special Meeting on July 2, the Board agreed to contract with the Trumbull County Engineer for repairs on the following roads: Robinwood Blvd., Ridgewood Ave., Bright-Baldwin Road, Niles Ave. Hewitt Gifford Road {cost shard with Braceville Twp.} and mill and fill Malibu and Caprice per estimates obtained not to exceed $50,000. Blast furnace slag for repairs as needed except for Hewitt Gifford has already been stockpiled by the township and is not included on the price. Services with the Auditor of State for the 2014-2015 audit were agreed upon at the cost of $9020. $20,000 was advanced from the General Fund to Cemetery Fund for temporary cash flow purposes. Quotes to pave the drives at Lutheran and St. Michael's Cemeteries were obtained and discussed.


At the June 20 meeting Trustees agreed to hire Dave Wiltrout Roofing, Inc. to put a gable roof over the meeting side of the Administration Building and perform repairs and funds were appropriated from the General Fund. The quote was accepted at $24,998. Safety shirts were purchased for cemetery and road workers. The Board approved a gas pipeline project on McMullen Allen where Aspire energy will bore under the road, accepting a $25,000 road bond and standard permit fee. A bid for 100 Ton road salt will be requested from the county engineer's office. Trustees discussed the request of City Manager Haney to provide a "yes" or "no" vote on their interest to discuss the creation of a joint park district. Emphasis was placed on the closing of the Community Center, it's value to the community, and potential of a levy to be placed on both village and township residents through a park district for the repair or replacement of the center; one for the building and one for ongoing maintenance. Lutz noted that no proposal was presented on behalf of the village to move forward when she met with Mr. Haney. After further discussion, the Board took no action on the creation of a park district at this time.


At the May 23 monthly Board of Trustees meeting, retiring Fire Chief Richard Bauman was honored for his service to the community. The Board adopted a Resolution of Appreciation, presented him with a plaque, and held a reception in his honor with familly, friends, and residents who wanted to thank and congratulate him. In other news from the meeting, the Board retained CareWorks MCO through 2018, approved attendance for up to 12 zoning personnel to attend the APA zoning conference in Concord, OH on June 12, and rescheduled the June 27 monthly meeting for Monday, June 20, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. In response to a letter received from Jack Haney from Newton Falls requesting that Trustees attend an upcoming council meeting to discuss interest in forming a park district, Trustee Lutz will attend a meeting as a representative of the Board of Trustees.

At the Appreciation Reception, pictured below are Fiscal Officer Susan Montgomery, Trustee Doreen Lutz, Chief Richard Bauman, and Trustee John Nemet.

 Bauman RetirementBauman plaque
Bauman Resolution

Chief Bauman was presented with a plaque and the Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution of Appreciation to commemorate his service to the community.

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